Ms. DFF Tanasi Manso- Open Heifer
Lot Number:12
Start Time:8/14/2022 12:00:00 PM
End Time:8/14/2022 6:27:00 PM
Starting Bid:$1,500.00
Bid Increment:$100.00
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If you like them classy, here's your female consigned from Diamond F Farms!! Ms. DFF Tanasi Manso is a big-boned and smooth-made heifer that you can't help but like. When you set her in motion, it lights out! You love how wide she is from stifle to stifle and still presents herself in a smooth and moderate package. She is sired by Mr. DFF Tanasi Bross Manso, a leading herd sire for Diamond F, who, in Mr. Ronnie's words, "has brought them to the top." He is a direct son of the infamous Maternal Grand Sire from the Locke division of Jd Hudgins, (=) JDH 204/2 YL Manso! The sire to 204/2 is MN Mayro Manso 433/2. Over the years, genetics from the 433/2 bull have been desperately sought after. The dam to Tanasi is Miss Kimmie McCartney 65, the product of Mr. McCartney 118 and Miss McCartney 95! To prove this female's value even more, she ranks in the top ½ of the breed for birthweight, milk, CEM, docility, and yield grade. As Mr. Ronnie and I spoke on the phone about the three females he consigned, he explained how many years these old school genetics took to assemble and how valuable they are. He explained that every cow on his place had a docility ranking of 1, heifer bags, and was calving in a two feet window, making them SUPER FERTILE!! You know, ladies and gentlemen, you can run the wheels off of your truck to find the quality that this female portrays about herself. We couldn't agree more that you can cross her any way you like to the most famous bull of today and still get those fertility and durability traits from the "old style" breeding brahmans! Don't overlook this outstanding 16-month-old replacement female straight from the keeping pen, Ms. DFF Tanasi Manso!

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